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Internet of the Things

The Internet of Things is experiencing exponential growth fueled by decreasing costs in computing, the proliferation of mobile devices, ubiquitous connectivity and the rise of cloud computing.

Our Internet of Things business practice provides trans-formative capabilities for our clients’ businesses by successfully deploying connected products. Our Internet of Things offerings capabilities include Connected Health right through to a Connected Industrial Workforce.

Techmark IT Consultancyhas been working to develop and enhance process control systems, communications solutions, sensors and software for the IoTSP. These technologies enable our customers in industries, utilities and infrastructure to analyze their data more intelligently, optimize their operations, boost their productivity, and their flexibility. We are advancing the IoTSP by helping our customers develop their existing technologies, while keeping sight of our enduring commitment to safety, reliability, cyber security and data privacy.


Techmark IT Consultancy’s Offers:

Integrated products solutions: We help develop products that have a growing level of intelligence. The products communicate with other devices, plant floor systems and IT platforms.

Intelligent connected infrastructure solutions: We weave together a seamless infotainment experience so users can access it anywhere, anytime and on any available device

Engineering and manufacturing process solutions: We bring together capabilities in Engineering, Automation and IT to create solutions that enable seamless integration of processes in the plant and field environment.